• Low Income Resource Roundup for May 9, 2024

    Fresh resources, hot off the press! This week we’ve got new videos, updated guides, and a revamped homepage to make your life easier.

    New Resources

    New Directory Page: Our redesigned homepage makes it easier than ever to find the resources you need. Check it out!

    New Videos

    New Housing & Cash Programs: This video covers new programs, settlements, and resources to help you make ends meet in these tough times. Watch the Video

    7 More Ways to Get Free Food: Uncover hidden resources that can give you the extra help you need, from awesome grassroots efforts to government programs you may not know about. Watch the Video

    Erase Your Phone Bill: Use this oft-forgotten program to cut down on your phone bill costs. Watch the Video

    May EBT Update: Discover some incredible new EBT perks, the confirmed Summer EBT schedule and more. Watch the Video

    Updated Resources

    Hardship Grants: Hardship grants are a form of financial assistance designed to help individuals and families facing unexpected financial difficulties. Get the updated list!

    How to Identify EBT Eligible Items on Amazon: Discover how to easily find items on Amazon that can be purchased using your EBT benefits. Read the guide.

    California Pet Care Discounts: Get connected with programs and services in California that offer accessible veterinary care for those with limited financial resources. Here’s the list.

    Delaware EBT Discounts: Discover discounts on museums, attractions, and other resources designed to support Delaware EBT cardholders. Get the list!

    Illinois Pet Care Discounts: Explore affordable or free options for veterinary care in Illinois to keep pets healthy without breaking the bank. Get the list!


    Indiana Pet Care Discounts: Discover programs and clinics in Indiana providing budget-friendly veterinary services for pet owners. Get the list!

    Louisiana Pet Care Discounts: Find resources in Louisiana offering affordable veterinary care and other essential pet services for those in need. Get the list!

    Mississippi EBT Discounts: Explore savings and special programs available to Mississippi EBT cardholders, making everyday purchases more affordable. Get the list!

    New Hampshire EBT Discounts: Find out about special offers and programs that make life more affordable for New Hampshire EBT cardholders. Get the list!

    Oregon – Free Food Boxes in Eugene Find resources offering free meals and groceries to those in need in the Eugene, Oregon area. Get the details!

    Oregon – Low Income Housing in Eugene: Explore affordable housing solutions and programs for low-income individuals and families in Eugene, Oregon. Learn more!

    Rhode Island EBT Discounts: Unlock savings on museums, attractions, and essentials with discounts for Rhode Island EBT cardholders. Get the list!

    Virginia EBT Discounts: Learn how to stretch your budget with discounts and perks designed for Vermont EBT cardholders. Get the list!

    West Virginia EBT Discounts: Discover ways to save on everyday purchases, attractions, and more with exclusive discounts for West Virginia EBT cardholders. Get the list!

    DIY Cat Litter: Learn how to make budget-friendly cat litter using household items, saving money for pet owners. Get the list.

    Homemade Cat Food Recipes: Find easy recipes for homemade cat food, designed for situations when you can’t afford store-bought. Includes links to pet food banks. Get the details.

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