• Low Income Resource Roundup for June 24, 2024

    Here are the new financial assistance programs, low income discount and other deals we’ve found this week:

    Heatwave Relief: We’ve found 17 ways that you can escape the heat during a heatwave. Get the list.

    Medicaid Caregivers: Did you know that Medicaid may be able to pay family members who provide caregiving services? Here’s what you need to know.

    Low Income News Update: Get the latest scoop on the new Social Security scam, student loan repayment pause and more. Read the article or watch the video.

    Senior Stipends: Seniors who volunteer with the Foster Grandparents program can get a stipend payment and other perks. Get the details or watch the video.

    Free Groceries: From SNAP to gleaning programs, we’ve found tons of ways to score free food. Get the list.

    School Supplies in Cleveland: Find out where to get free school supplies in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Here’s the list.

    Have low income resources to share? Email us at research@lowincomerelief.com to share your tips!