• Low Income Resource Roundup for May 27, 2024

    Fresh resources, hot off the press! This week we’ve got new videos, updated guides, and more resources to make your life easier.

    New Resources

    Low Income Resource Roundup: Get the latest low income news and resources in your area. Here’s the roundup.

    Financial Help for Chronic Illnesses: Browse 22 programs and organizations that can help you. Here’s the list!

    WA Clark Public Utilities: Get financial assistance with your Clark Public Utilities bills. Here’s how!

    New Videos

    Need Emergency Cash? This group on Reddit may be able to help. Watch now!

    Why I Tell You to Act Fast: This is why I always tell you to apply right away. Watch now!

    Financial Help for Chronic Illnesses: We’ve found several organizations that may be able to help you. Watch now!

    Free Dental Implants: We get asked about free dental implants all the time. Watch this video to learn more.

    Major Low Income Program Updates: This week’s low income resource roundup, presented in video format. Watch now!

    Updated Resources

    Get Help with Medical Bills: Find financial relief to help you pay your past due medical bills. Here’s how.

    Get a FREE Air Conditioner: Claim your free air conditioner from one of these government programs. Here’s the list!


    Iowa Pet Help: Find free and low cost veterinary clinics in Iowa. Here’s the list.

    North Carolina: Get free school supplies in Charlotte and Greensboro!

    Texas State Park Discounts: Get the latest scoop on state park discounts in Texas. Here’s what you need to know.

    Share Your Tips

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